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Debbie’s Little Angels Childminder’s adheres to the following

Terms and Conditions

We will only undertake a childminding arrangement when the Parent/Guardian and us have both agreed and signed a Contract Document. The following are details of the Terms & Conditions:

The Contract Document States...

  • the child's name, home address, date of birth
  • the name, home address and contact details of all parents/guardians
  • the Childminder’s name, home address, contact details, registration and insurance details
  • details of any deposit or retainer fee paid
  • details of any settling-in period
  • the date of commencement and the date the contract is due to be reviewed
  • the days and hours when the childcare is to take place
  • the amount of fees, how and when to be paid
  • details of fees for holiday, sickness and other absences
  • 4 notice required for termination of contract

The Childminder Agrees To...

  • We will care for the Child during the contracted hours and at such other times as may be mutually agreed.
  • Comply with all the requirements of registration as laid down by the registration body and the Children Act 1989 relevant to Registered Childminder’s.
  • Maintain appropriate insurance cover and comply with all requirements laid down by our insurance company.
  • Provide unlimited drinking water.
  • Provide suitable developmental experiences appropriate to the age and stage of development of the child.
  • We will give you at least 4 weeks notice of annual holiday and as much notice of other leave as possible. Our Holiday Letter is usually published at the beginning of January each year, for you to plan cover or your holidays.
  • Notify the parent/guardian of any accident or injury occurring whilst the child is in the care of the Childminder.
  • Be available to discuss with the parent/guardian(s) the care and development of the child, to be arranged for a mutually convenient time if either the parent/guardian or the Childminder requests it.
  • Ensure that the Child has the opportunity to take part in the local community by joining in local activities; e.g., toddler groups.
  • Inform parents as soon as reasonably possible if there has been an illness in the household within the previous 24 hours before a contracted period or if unforeseen circumstances prevent the Childminder being available to care for the child to allow the Parent to make alternative arrangements.
  • Ensure that the Child is appropriately restrained in a safety seat or straps according to age and weight when travelling in a car.
  • Manage the Child's behaviour without the use of physical punishment.

The Parent/Guardian Agrees To...

  • Pay the fees in advance, on the day or before the agreed date.

- (Late payment will be subjected to a late payment fee, detailed in your contract).

  • Arrive and collect the Child on time.
  • Provide the following items:

- Change of clothes labelled to identify

- Set of outdoor clothes suitable for the weather eg, coat, hat, gloves, wellington boots, sun-hat

- If applicable - baby milk & bottles, baby foods, nappies, nappy sacks, creams, wipes, cotton wool, during hot weather days apply sun cream before entering the setting. Etc.

- Any comfort item/favourite toy that is important to the Child, must be marked clearly to identify them.

- Either:

- Provide ready to eat, packed meals as required, or

- Give at least one days notice of any meals to be provided by the Childminder (at the appropriate fee)

  • Give at least 4 weeks written notice via our website or email service (NOT by Texts) of holiday and as much notice of other leave as possible.
  • To provide as much notice as possible of any extra hours required and accept that the Childminder may decline such requests.

- Extra Sessions/Hours booked in and then cancelled will be charged as normal rates.

  • Provide necessary information requested by the Childminder in connection with his/her registration and notify any changes to that information.
  • Be available to discuss with the Childminder the care and development of the Child if so requested by the Childminder at a mutually convenient time.
  • Inform the Childminder if the Child has been ill outside the contracted period and to keep the Child at home for 48 hours after sickness and/or diarrhoea has cleared and respect the Childminder's right to decide whether or not to accept a sick child for care. Childminder’s cannot normally undertake the care of sick children.
  • Inform the Childminder of any medicine prescribed by the Child's doctor and give written permission for the Childminder to administer the medicine if such administration is required. Written permission will be required each time medicine is administered.
  • Notify the Childminder at the beginning of each contracted period of any accident or injury the Child may have suffered since last in the care of the Childminder.
  • Accept that the Childminder will not use physical punishment in the discipline of children.
  • When the Parent/Guardian collects the child(s) all Childminding responsibilities will end and you will be in charge of your child(s). 

Retainer/Deposit Fee

  • The Retainer is paid to us to keep the child(s) placement open to you, E.g. During school holidays for term time only contracts and agreed start date.

- When starting with us and (if we have an immediate vacancy but you wish to start the arrangement at a later date) or during long periods of absence (e.g. during school holidays, if a term-time only place is required). This is because we can only provide care for a limited number of children, so if we are holding a place for your child, we may lose income by turning down another child needing the place.

  • A deposit fee (usually at our normal Childminding rate) and is Non-Refundable, this must be paid to secure a place which is being reserved for future use.
  • Our Childminder’s service can be available during the period if required (Adequate notice must be given) and the full fee is payable when the place is used, the deposit is not used for these sessions.
  • If ‘WE’ are not able to offer the place as agreed under the terms of the contract or varies the terms and conditions of the placement then the retainer fee will be returned to the parent for the weeks leading up to the original re-start date. I.e. (after a school holiday).
  • If the parent decides not to take up the placement, then we will keep the retainer fee to cover costs. The retainer may not be used as a credit against future Childminding services.


  • We require a Deposit which is Non-Refundable to Secure the placement.
  • Where the Childminder does not have a vacancy, but expects to have a vacancy at a specified future date, it may be possible to reserve the place with a deposit. Unlike a retainer, payment of a deposit does not allow the place to be used because no place exists at the time the deposit is paid. The contract should clearly state whether the deposit (or part of it) is to be credited against future Childminding services.
  • If the Childminder is not able to offer the place as agreed the deposit will be returned in full.

- If the parent does not wish to take up the place when it is available, the Childminder will keep the deposit. (A reminder of the Non-Refundable Deposit).

  • The Deposit will only be refunded and used for the last week of the 4 weeks termination notice to end the contract.